Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stupid Music

Today my friend got a text that Wilco had cancelled their upcoming show in London on November 5, which we had bought tickets to. We’ll get a refund, but it’s still shitty news. Sky Blue Sky was my least favourite Wilco album since A.M. (opinion subject to change after relistening to those two, but I am sure it wasn’t as good as anything between Being There and A Ghost Is Born). Now, the show was expensive, but I had already come to grips with the cost because it was a general admission show and I have only seen Wilco in a non-seated venue once and that was back in 2003. I was getting ready to rock it up close, although it would have been hard to top my third-row standing spot from that magical night in 2003. Anyhow, since I had already counted the funds as spent, it’s a huge disappointment to see the show cancelled.

Also, I’ve already referenced London’s great music scene, but the problem is everybody else knows about the great scene, too. Bands that already have performed or that are performing that I’ve not been able to see because they sold out include The Decemberists, Arcade Fire (3 shows), Okkervil River (2 shows) and the Delays. Which all sucks.


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